Emlid Flow improvements

Hi @kseniia.suzdaltseva,

Now everything works fine with the new update. Thank you so much.

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I’ll have to get back with you on the weird behavior the next time I work with it, but I think it was mostly that I couldn’t rename those fields and had a problem appending those to a feature layer. r something to that effect. Those issues were minor and didn’t prevent me from doing anything I needed to do.

Yes, I know I can add the APC to the antenna height and that’s what I’m doing. It was just that when it was said that the Reach app no longer required including the APC, it sounded like it was for the built in software as well as any other use for the software. I couldn’t find anywhere that said, “use the pole length only for the Reach Survey app but use the pole length plus 0.134m for 3rd party apps”, so I started setting our antenna heights in ESRI Field Maps to 2m instead of 2.134m. As long as it’s made clear, it isn’t a problem, but it isn’t clear at all anymore. The only way I could confirm was to take shots of the same point using the same antenna height value in both applications, then compare the results.
It’s definitely become somewhat common for software used to receive corrections and connect GPS units to 3rd party apps, which is what the Reach (Flow) app does, to account for the APC in their NMEA output. For whatever it’s worth, I know for a fact that Trimble does it with their Trimble Mobile Manager, which then streams the locations via Bluetooth to Field Maps exactly like Reach does, except that it knows the APC of any Trimble GPS unit that can connect with the app and will automatically factor that into the measurements.

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Hi Ryan,

Got it, thank you for the details! I’ve passed both requests to the team. If you have any updates about the work with Shapefiles after the next ESRI test, please let me know, and I’ll take note of it too.

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