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Using DJI Drone RTK : M300 & P4RTK, we want to use RS2 to correct position of our drones (RTK).
At the moment, we can use CASTER EMLID only when there is internet in the area, and/or when the customer allows internet connection in the site.

It results half of the time we can’t use RTK flying.
So we are thinking of buying another Base (not from Emlid) to do the job, and that is very sad.
My question is: is there any plan to add this feature to Emlid RS2?

we need an offline correction in wifi/bluetooh for our drone.
I was also thinking about creating a local server that I could bring on site, outdoor.
Is anybody has already seen this kind of solution?
RS2 → ouput correction TCP → local serv display NRTIP in wifi → I can connect the drone on the NTRIP wifi.

any help , and answer would be appreciate,


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Neither of those wifi/BT, have a vary good range compared to a LoRa radio or 3DR/RFD900. I doubt your drone would be able to go very far before dropping connection/RTK

no problem with the range, because the Remote controler does the link with the drone.
So, the device that need to be connected in NTRIP is the Remote controler, that stay in a fix position, often very near the BASE RS2.

Never tried it due to the range limitation. I am sure there is a way using a router connected to your laptop running NTRIP caster which is being fed by your base station but, by the time you figure this all out just buy some radios.

I am assuming no cell data available that you cannot use its data?

If it even remotely had any chance of being used in my application, I would try to test it. Since it doesn’t, I do not have the time to commit to it.

the remote controller (RC) can receive rtk corrections other than NTRIP?
If the remote can receive rtk corrections over bluetooth you could set the RS2 to output the corrections over bluetooth.
That would be very nice feature because the rs2 sends the corrections to the RC via bluetooth and then the RC sends the corrections via telemetry to the drone.

RC DJI can only be connected in NTRIP for RTK correction.
But some other base station can do : caster NTRIP in wifi. The base can create caster in wifi, and the RC DJI can be connected to this network without the need of internet…

Also, a combination of

  • RS2 output TCP to laptop
  • Laptop using router + caster NTRIP to RC drone
  • RS2 ouput TCP to android app
  • android app caster NTRIP to RC drone

So I do not understand why Emlid did still not release a such feature?
In fact, RS2 could do this internally or by using an android app…

Many of us use 1 RS2 and buy another 3rd party base in order to have this feature…
For sure I will buy my second base as RS2 if this feature was released in a near future.

More and more surveyor are using Drone, and are using DJI drone for RTK. And for all those user, RS2 is not the perfect choice because it requiers Internet…

Emlid, tell me you have a plan for this year??


Give an example of a base that does what you are speaking,

Now how much does that base cost?

The aim is not to make the promotion of others brand…(send me a PM if you want I ll answer) but it s around 6k€…
Clearly this is a pain to put 6k instead of 2k (RS2) just for this feature…

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I see, so there is not much to do.
I was also looking for ntrip caster android app but I couldn’t find one.
Dji should expand the incoming correction options of their RC to include TCP or Bluetooth.

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DJI wont do that, because they want people use (buy) their own DJI base station , which is very bad for any other (surveyor) application.
I think something can be done by EMLID.
If they able us to create a local NTRIP using their WIFI or bluetooh, or by using the Android APP reachview or a dedicated APP that could be named “EMLID LOCAL CASTER”, that can solve this issue, and avoid us to buy other brands (DJI and others) very expensiv base station !

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So try the router idea. It might take some tinkering but I think it could work.

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It is not the ideal solution (it adds devices, batteries, weight) , but in fact it could work and that is probably what I could do before Emlid release a such feature.

Do you have any link or tutorial, or sample of how doing this?
I’ve no idea how to create a caster NTRIP, with User, password, NTRIP HOST adress to able my laptop to do the job.

Anyhelp would be really appreciated !

We were discussing something similar in this thread

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yes’ Absolutely you are right.

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If you need this feature local NTRIP In wifi, I created another post for this : Feature Request, RS2 NTRIP caster via Wifi for DJI RTK Drone

Hi @ziok,

NTRIP always requires the Internet to transmit corrections.

Reach RS2 supports the correction output via TCP as well. So, you can output corrections from the Reach RS2 to your Remote Controller via TCP. Then you can transmit these corrections from Remote Controller to drone in a way that is convenient for you. However, this should be also supported from a drone side and its software.

Also, I see you’re discussing similar topics with my colleague Julia in another thread. In that case, It’d be better to continuing the discussion with her to avoid confusion.

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