Elevation error every time moving base

Hi, I have used Reach RS2 for 2 years in many projects, it’s god device. But I found elevation error every time move Base to new point. So, I doing some test like sketch below (In this test I using LoRa) :

  1. Put Base at Point A (Known coordinates)
  2. Takes coordinate Point B and Point Z
  3. Move Base to Point B (input base coordinate point B from step 2)
  4. Takes coordinate Point C and Point Z
  5. Move Base to Point C (input base coordinate point C from step 4)
  6. Takes coordinate Point D and Point Z
  7. Move Base to Point D (input base coordinate point D from step 6)
  8. Takes coordinate Point Z

Result test is Every time I move Base to new point, elevation Point Z become decrease about 10 cm. At step 2 Point Z elevation is 120.752 m, at step 4 Point Z elevation is 120.652 m, at step 6 Point Z elevation is 120.552 m, at step 8 Point Z elevation is 120.452 m.

Now, to solve this error, I always add 10 cm when input Base Height to Emlid Flow from its real base height, if real base height is 1,25 meters then I input base height in Emlid Flow is 1,35 meters. Its can solve this error but I hope Emlid technical doing same test and repair this bug, because I things this is serious error.

When I use Emlid Flow and Nuwa from Tersus and connecting to same rover RS2, there are also show different elevation about 10 cm too.

I am not english speaking, may be my writing have some mistake, but I hope every one understand, thanks

Hi Romi,

That sounds really odd. I’d like to take a look at the data. Any chance you recorded raw data, base corrections, and position logs while doing such tests?

The CSV file with points would also be of help.

Of course, we can try to reproduce this. But I"m not sure we’ll be able to do this. Cause we’re testing the devices a lot, and haven’t ever noticed such an issue. So, there is a high chance it could be related to your device, and we need the data from it.

Also, am I right that you faced it on several survey sites?

Hi Svetlana,

This is test result :

And this test result by adding base elevation 10cm :

I am test like sketch below :

But I can not upload it csv file, so I hope you try to reproduce it.

and I always faced it on survey site

Hi Romi,

Thanks for the pics!

Only on this one? Or every time you work with the devices?

The analysis is good, but I still need to take a look at the data. We actually work with the devices a lot and haven’t ever noticed something similar. And also didn’t receive similar reports from other users. So, checking CSV and logs is crucial. Can you send it to support@emlid.com?