EDAS Correction input - Not Implemented

Due to high mountains, I can not receive corrections from SBAS. I am therefore attempting to receive corrections from EGNOS via EDAS.

When I connect to EDAS’s NTRIP caster without giving up Mount Point, I get the message
“Connected to HTTP / 1.1 200 OK”.

When I enter a Mount Point, I get the message “Connected to HTTP / 1.1 501 Not Implemented”. Is this a message that comes from the NTRIP cast, or is it the reach module that has not implemented the function I’m trying to use?

That error is a response from the server you are trying to connect to.

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bide - Thank you for your reply.

The NTRIP-provider’s documentation sayes that “EDAS NTRIP service is based on version 2.0 of NTRIP protocol, defining the Internet Standard Protocol RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) for stream control on top of TCP and the Internet Standard Protocol RTP (Real Time Transport Protocol) for data transport on top of connectionless UDP.”

Which NTRIP version does the REACH module support?

Reach only supports NTRIP v1. However, the v2 casters will very likely work as well. I think the messages you see are about the mountpoint, which is likely missing. Also, if you see 200 OK, maybe you can try turning NMEA feedback on. It might be requred.

Hi efedorov. It’s really hard to find information on this subject. I have tried your suggestions-they did not work. But what you say is that sometimes NTRIP client v1 somtimes can be used togheter with an v2 client, but not always.

The helpdesk on the EDAS NTRIP service has provided me the following information: “Your application is using NTRIP v2.0 based on HTTP communication” and further they state: “However, EDAS NTRIP Service currently only supports RTSP(RTP) communication (section 3 of NTRIP v2.0 standard)”

The helpdesk is wrong when it comes to that I use NTRIP v2.0, emlid reach support only NTRIP v.1. witch somtimes can be used together with v2 casters. But but my suspicion is that v.1 clients can not be used together with NTRIP casters that only support RTSP(RTP) communication.

  1. Is my suspicion right?

  2. If I’m right, there’s no point in trying new ways to connect emlid reach directly to this correctionprovider!

  3. If I’m right, an better approach would be to use a PC or phone with a NTRIP client v.2 to connect to the correctionprovider and then use Bluetooth to feed the emlid reach with correctiondata.

Seems like you are right. If it’s possible, you can share the caster credentials via a PM to me. This way I will try to figure something out.

Hi efedorov. I get it to work by using BKG Ntrip Client (BNC) on Windows PC by following the steps in the EGNOS NTRIP manual. I used Bluetooth to feed emlid reach with the correction data.

Edas NTRIP service is free and give access to EGNOS RIMS across Europe. But for me, the baseline was to long, so I was not able to get fix.

If some of you want credentials, it is explained how to get them in page 6 in the EGNOS NTRIP manual

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