E38 Survey Solutions Emlid Reach RS2+ with Tilt - Accuracy Test

Received an E-mail this morning from E38 Survey Solutions using X-PAD surveying software in conjunction with a Android Tablet to get tilt-compensated shots with the Emlid RS2/+ and RX.

Quoted text from their e-mail
You can collect building corners and other hard to reach points more easily than ever by using X-PAD’s X-TILT function with any Emlid receiver, including the Reach RS2+ and Reach RX.

X-TILT uses the sensors on your Android device for tilt compensation on your GNSS receiver. Simply collect two shots of the same point at two different angles, and X-TILT does the rest. Check out the video below to see how it works.


This looks like a very useful function. Seeing as how it relies on the Android (or, presumably, iOS) device’s internal accelerometers, not the GPS rover, it looks like a similar tilt-collection function could be added to Emlid Flow.

Perhaps a good “pro level” feature which would justify adding a second, higher cost tier for Emlid Flow subscriptions. Keep the existing fee structure for the current feature set, but add tilt-collection & some other TBD advanced features and make those available at, say, a $40/month subscription tier level.

I’d def. pay $40 month for tilt-collect on the projects/jobs where I could use it.

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