Dynamics models / Maximum operating speed

Dynamics models / Maximum operating speed
From prior experience with ublox modules and from the documentation provided by Ublox for both the M8 and F9 modules there are Dynamic Platform models that can be set to adjust the navigation engine to the expected application environment.

In the RTK settings exposed I can only find settings for the max acceleration (m/s2). I cannot find any configuration or specification for Maximum Speed/Velocity (m/s) or the Max Altitude. Is Emlid able to provide any feedback on this, eg a maximum operational speed? Apologies if this information is provided and I am unable to find it.

Application / use case:

I intend to use the Emlid Reach RS/RS+ as a rover unit driving around on a vehicle (a car traveling at a speed of up to 60km/h , ~17m/s). I would like to run multiple tests varying the maximum speed of the vehicle and operating in either standalone Rover mode or in a RTK mode. PPK mode could also be tested.

  • I have both a REACH RS and a REACH RS+ unit for this testing.
  • Baseline will be <10km


Is there any difference in the how the REACH β€œR” vs β€œM” units operate? Happy to purchase a REACH M or M+ product if it is more suitable for ROVER applications. I am under the impression that the β€œM” modules are weight reduced modules for UAV mapping applications.

Hi @brett.wood,

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Reach RS/RS+/RS2 vs Reach M+/M2
Reach RS+/RS2 and Reach M+/M2 work the same way. However, as you rightly mentioned, they are designed for different applications.

RTK modules are designed for easier integration into the other hardware. While Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 are field-ready GNSS receivers with water and dust protection, integrated GNSS antenna, and battery.

Maximum operating speed
We don’t have a limit for the maximum operating speed. However, Reach RS/RS+ can track satellites with the maximum update rate of 14 Hz. Therefore, you can have points every 1.2 meters with the described speed.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your reply. And the information provided. It matches our expectation, however want to confirm before we performed out testing.

Thank you again,

I’m glad to help :slight_smile:

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