DXF export

Hi, when I export the dxf has no index, name only points. They are present in the CSV file.
Is it possible to add this information to the dxf in the reachview app?

Hi @step,

DXF format has a specific structure that doesn’t contain the point name field. So I’m afraid there is no way to accomplish it in the ReachView app.

Hi @svetlana.nikolenko. Thanks for reply. I thought it was like the total station, the exported dxf contains the name and the code of the point.

Hi @step,

In the meantime, we don’t plan to add point names to DXF files exported from the Reach.

Hi @svetlana.nikolenko, i noticed that the position of the points of the exported dxf file differs in that calculated using the csv file. Why?

Hi @step,

May I ask you to share examples of exported DXF and CSV files?

Hi @svetlana.nikolenko,

i am attaching the files .
(original csv - original dxf - file cad from csv processed with software)
ril.zip (49.1 KB)

Hi, i tried both .csv and dxf in Qgis. They line up perfectly.
Could there be an error during import? wrong format or wrong system?

Hi @TB_RTK, is the difference due to the conversion into ellipsoidal coordinates (datum wgs-84)?

Not sure why you see a difference. Could you elaborate your steps?

Hi, with qgis the position of the points is correct. Maybe I was wrong to immediately use the dxf in cad and not the one exported in qgis.

Directly import to cad would mean some sort georefrencing. Some CAD would ask you to refrence it (e.g UTM zone etc) or a select a system to use. Did you do that?

I solved it, thanks.


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