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New to drone mapping here. Recently purchased a Mavic 3 Enterprise w/ RTK module. As my state does not offer a NTRIP network to tap into, I would need a subscription to a local network which is pretty expensive.
My question in here is, which Emlid hardware would be sufficient to be able to utilize the RTK module on my drone? I have been told that the RS2+ is a great solution, but are there less expensive alternatives, as I’m just getting started and don’t need top of the line equipment to begin with. I appreciate and advice/feedback. Thanks!

Blockquote, sure they are, right now emlid RS 2+ is the best value for money gnss for drone mapping IMO

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And that is all I would need to be able to use the RTK module on my drone?

That is correct. It can be configured as a rover (receiving corrections) and a base (transmitting) at the same time. Obviously there’s no use case for that, lol, it just means you don’t have to change any settings. IMO it is required to have a receiver of this nature if you are going to do aerial mapping.

We normally use a network via NTRIP directly to the aircraft but if the GNSS values of the drone aren’t cutting it or it is taking minutes to fix we will set a point and do local NTRIP. I’ve never seen the GNSS configuration screen of the M3E but I assume they give provide access the the QoS of the satellites and the corrections.

A lot of the time we are on the edges of suburbia and can only get sketchy data service so it is better to establish a base point and do local NTRIP. We have a small network of control points throughout our region that we can set up a base on and traverse control where needed because Texas’ stereotype of being big is no joke when it comes to CORS. Our grid on average is about 50km with a few 40’s and 70’s where a station has been deprecated. VRS helps but it’s the same situation with the cell towers so it’s futile at some point.

Coverage is slowly getting better as they get more 5G towers up but I would say about 30% of our sites have no choice but to run a local base and usually don’t have a global coordinate so base shift is a great feature to get localized back to our project coordinates.


Where I can I find instructions how to use local NTRIP? I’ve never done that before.


I thought I saw one specific to the Mavic 3E but it’s all the same. Just different menus on the drones.


Hi Tony,

I agree with previous comments that Reach RS2+ would be the optimal choice as a base for Mavic 3 Enterprise RTK. It’s a multi-band device and can output NTRIP corrections via Emlid Caster or Local NTRIP. You can read this guide to learn more about the integration. It describes Phantom 4 RTK, but don’t be misled by that – the setup should be the same for Mavic.

As for less expensive devices, do you mean Reach RS+ or Reach RX? If so, there are some limitations you have to know. Reach RS+ is a single-band and can’t act as a base for multi-band RTK receiver on Mavic. Reach RX is designed as a Network RTK rover and can’t act as a base.



You can find it in this section of our guide.

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Hi Kirill,

Do you know if is, indeed, impossible to set up an RTK local NTRIP caster with Mavic 3 Enterprise and Reach RS+???

Last year I bought 2 RS+ receivers and recently I bought an M3E with the RTK module. Haven’t been able to get a RTK fix using the RS+ acting as base and transmitting via Local NTRIP. The drone keeps saying that the “RTK Signal is Poor” and the status shows: “converging”, indefinitely. I could get a fix, thru a NTRIP internet provider. But, in my country, I can’t rely on NTRIP internet providers, unfortunately. So far, I’m doing everything with PPK: Getting GCPs with the two RS+ (base and rover) and correcting drone images with Emlid Studio.

Dou you know any workaround to this issue? Or I have to buy an RS2 to make an RTK connection work?

Thanks in advance

An RS+ will not work with the Mavic 3E RTK as it requires L1 and L2. Hardware works when supplying L1/L2 to an L1-only device but not vice versa. You could sell one of your RS+'s and get an RS2 or 2+ or an M2 but you would need a good way to mount it as a base. The Mettatech enclosure works fine as long as you have the network connection right next to it but there are custom options out there that you can get a trail on in this forum.


Hi Marcos,

There’s nothing much I can add to @michaelL’s words about this matter: indeed, a single-band device won’t operate as a base for multi-band receiver on DJI Mavic 3E RTK. You need to think of purchasing multi-band receiver for this purpose.


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