Does the Reach have point stake out?

I’ve had some water come in on a site where I have previously laid out my GCPs. My bucket lids are now about 2-3" under muddy water a few have washed away, is there a way to enter my old coordinates and find the locations of them? I have a general idea where they are but it’s been 3wks since I’ve been on site, and now with nasty water moving in I’m stuck at a wall. I would like to go back and verify the GCPs for a ground check.

Any help is appreciated.

You can use a 3rd party product like Mapit to “drive” to the points. The point is to get a Bluetooth NMEA string going out to your phone / tablet.
The Emlid boys have been promising this feature for some time now, but I fear it is too complicated and time consuming to add to the toolbox. It would be a feature that would be greatly appreciated by the community, I can assure you.

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Didn’t even think about a 3rd party.

I was hoping something could be added in the Survey tab, like a “Return to Point” button next to the surveyed points, or just another tab to manually enter coordinates that can be returned to. Maybe someday.

Thanks for the reply…

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I believe it will come but I don’t know exactly when! They recently assured me it’s on the way.

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If you have android I have 3 remaining mapit licenses to give away. Message Me.
If you have an iPhone…
Harry’s GPS/OBD buddy will take in nmea over tcp (wifi) and allows the entry of waypoints but only to 3 dec places of minutes 1 minute/1000 = 1852m /1000 = 1.852m

Better than a return to point function was a possibility to import an external pointfile… Without a stakeout function the rover has no value for surveying or construction companies cause they have no possibility to check the results directly in the field plus they can not search for hidden surveying points…

It’s listed here as coming soon -


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