Does the M2 have a setting for ARP or Antenna Description, that will be preserved in the RINEX files it produces?

I’m assuming the M2 is interpreting the antenna signal as coming from phase center

Correct and the antenna/rod height and base coordinates should be entered in PPK. With the M2 and helical antenna it is 2/3rds the height of the housing. We use 70mm the measurement of the rod or center of camera sensor. If it is on a camera like a drone then make sure it is all square when measuring.


Hi @jherbranson,

The antenna signal comes indeed from the phase center. We don’t have an automatic insertion of the antenna field for M2 because you can use various antennas with the unit. Just make sure they follow the electrical requirements for M2.

If you’re working with the helical antenna from our store, the phase center is defined in our docs. You can use it from there.

Be sure to check out Michael’s comments, too! They’ll help you :wink:

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