Does Navio 2 compatible with Raspberry pi 3 model B?

I want to know does does Navio 2 compatible with Raspberry pi 3 model B latest release or not

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Yes, it is compatible. We will provide software support for it as soon as we receive ours.

Im waiting for it.

My RPi3 arrived today - will try the latest files shortly to see if it works.

Current image for Rpi2B will not work on Rpi3.

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You are correct!

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Do we have an ETA yet on the new image for RPi3? Also, will we be able to run the clock at the full 1.2ghz, or will we remain stuck at the recommended 700mhz?

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I wonder if new RPi3 higher clock will take more power from the battery. Should I choose RPi2 for longer endurance? I plan to apply it on a fixed wing to do aerial mapping.

@jlrogers2 1-2 weeks. It will run on default frequency, the same way Pi2 runs (no one is limiting it to 700MHz).

@wahono Power consumption of Pi3 is a little bit higher than Pi2, but still small compared to motors.

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Will there be a RasPi3 image available for the Navio+?

Yes, there is a unified image upcoming. It will have support for Raspberry 2/3 and Navio+/Navio2.


Any updates on the ETA for the new image supporting the RPi3?

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Any ETA about the new unified image ?

Hopefully next week. It really depends on how our testing goes.


Hi, any update on this? I would also love to use the Raspberry Pi 3 on my Navio2 board.


On it. Just a little more time needed to finish it up.


While we’re waiting for the release, what should work/is safe to try?

  • Powering through the Raspberry Pi’s power supply
  • Powering through the Navio2 power port
  • SSH’ing into the Raspberry Pi and doing general linux stuff
  • Checking battery stats
  • Messing with APM
  • … at this point it almost flies :slight_smile: