Docs for ReachRS antenna height are inconsistent

The documentation contains contradictory information on the height offset when manually entering base station coordinates for RTK with ReachRS/RS+ base over known position:

"Antenna height is measured as the distance between the mark and the antenna reference point (ARP). "

“For Reach RS/RS+ consider the antenna height as the distance between mark and the bottom of Reach RS/RS+ (h on figure 5) plus 65 mm.”

Which one is it? My guess is it’s still the latter. Should modify the docs to avoid future confusion.

The latest Survey functionality asks the user for pole height and provides a checkbox on whether the 21.5 mm adapter is used. Behind the scenes, it should account for the 65 mm ARP to APC offset.

It seems like the antenna height accounting should be consistent across all ReachView sections (Survey and manual base station position entry).


Thanks for the suggestion, @dshean :slightly_smiling_face:

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