Dji Matrice300 RTK - Emlid caster issue

Hello there,

Since I made the lasts updates on my DJI M300 RTK and on RS2, I can not connect my controller to emlid caster anymore. Is that happened to someone else?

After a check on the status during my connection, I can see the base “online”, but the rover (the radiocontroller) don’t connect to emlid caster, with any setting.
It seems that the network between smart controller and emlid caster is blocked (“setting failed” when I save the configuration)

It worked nice until then…

Do you have the same issue?

Thank you,
Julien from Corvus

I am also having issues with Emlid Caster.

I am unable to even get the website to show the sign in page on my laptop. Error gateway not found???

Same issue here, bad gateway error. Surveying on Tuesday so hopefully back up and running by then.

Hi guys,

We are very sorry for the intermittent work of Emlid Caster for the past hours and all the inconvenience caused. We understand that many of you are relying on the service, and we are working hard to identify the issue.

I’ll update this thread once I get any news.

Hi there,

I am back with some good news! The Caster should be restored back to normal.

Thank all of you for your patience.

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