DIY Reach RS mounting system for agriculture

@Simon_Allen recently shared some info on his DIY modular mouting system and I’ve reposted it here for better visiblity:

copied from:

And some other photos
Wing nut inserted into end of piece of plastic stake for tripod mount. If I did this again I would use a threaded sleeve, easier to get straight.

Threaded rod just screwed into drill hole (and glued) is the Reach fixture.

Up and go car roof rack bar mount for turning up and not needing to install a permanent reference. On the roof of the car this gives me 2.5m height, great Line of sight for LORA. If I am in range of a CORS and get fix then I can have pretty accurate absolute and relative positions.

Another section of 25x25mm box section screwed to a post as a permanent marker. Or a section hammered into the ground, or set in concrete…

There you go my full inventory. Altogether less than $20 + tripod. Of course for the rover I found a really nice camera monopod for $20 which was significantly less than a survey monopod and putting a level on it was just a small 3D print job.

If Reach is to make the RTK affordable, we cannot wrap around it all the expensive ‘extras’ of a conventional survey!


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