Damaged Reach RS antenna, where to get a replacement?

Hey Emlid folks,

Just wondering where I can get a replacement order for my Reach RS antenna? I accidentally dropped the RS unit and the antenna is damaged. Lucky the RS is all right.
I don’t see it is available on the Emlid store, can you guys advise where I can order one?




I also experienced this, but the damage wasn´t too bad. I was able to reassemble it, but I did wonder what I would do if I couldn´t fix it myself.


Where are you located?

Check here for a dealer to purchase replacement from.

I think you mean the screw on LORA radio antenna. I would like to know too because I have nearly accidently broken one and see that it has some wiring and a circuit board inside . It would be good to carry a spare.

We have LoRa antennas in stock and they soon will be available in the shop. If you need one faster please email us at support@emlid.com.

Thanks Igor.

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