Cors, then emlid caster with phantom rtk

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I was wondering if could I connect my rs2 base with cors to determine base position therefore connect rs2 to my phantom RTK using that possition and getting absolute accurancy. Thanks


You can indeed, however, you need to use an Ntrip caster in between the RS2 and the phantom


Hi Chris, emlid Caster for example? with the same rs2

Yep, that will work perfectly.


Using a CORS NTRIP Caster for RTK drones that are further than 5km will introduce large vertical errors, the further away the drone is from the CORS, the larger it will be the vertical error

IT is more accurate to use a local RTK Base with radio on the center of the area to flown with the drone to get highest vertical accuracy

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Christian is correct: you can both use RS2 as a rover to the NTRIP base station and you can connect your RS2 with your RTK drone via the NTRIP as well.

We even have the guides that explain the main steps of the integration:

Be sure to let us know how it goes for you.

Hi, thank you for the answer, in the example above “dji phantom RTK and Reack RS2 base integration” he uses a known point, my question: the only way to get absolute accurancy is by average simple or by a known point?. Even though I could connect via ntrip cors to a station placed 10km away?
To make it clear:

  • my equipment: phantom rtk, reach rs2 (just one), and cors station
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You can achieve absolute global accuracy by inputting a known point or by collecting an RTK point from the CORS. We typically shoot for 3 minutes. Two things to note is that a known point needs to be on the same basis as your end data so if it is a construction site you need to watch out for localized coordinate systems and site vertical benchmarks. You should be able to get that info from the contractor or ask for a copy of their plans. There will be a note on there stating the datums used that usually contains info for the specific benchmarks for the site. Most of the time our network elevations are within 0.2ft so we just do any adjustments necessary in the CAD. If you don’t have CAD you might be able to do an adjustment in your photogrammetry processing software. DroneDeploy has a feature specifically for this.


How are you sending the correction data to your Phantom RTK currently?

The method Christian stated should work fine.

When setting up a base using the CORS network, I select average fixed for 3-5 minutes. This gets it very close depending on your baseline distance for the CORS base. The farther your baseline, the longer the average should be.

My ph4 RTK didn’t arrive yet, actually is a phantom multispectral, but with an RTk module!
most of my work will be in the countryside, so, I suppose won’t be able to get internet connection, in that case I will PPK instead RTK.

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