CORS PPK Single Point Time

Hello, I have a query.

I have to create several control points, 4. I want to use PPK, with a CORS station, and RS2.

A GPC is similar to getting a base point. If I see the information to configure a base, they recommend 1 hour.

But if it is RTK FIX position it says 5 min.

Given those conditions, how much data time should I collect to get centimeter accuracy using PPK, with a CORS station, and RS2.

Greetings and hugs, Luis.

Hi, what is the baseline with CORS?

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It is located about 19 km away.

Ok. Not sure how large this site is but i would immediately start logging upon arrival at site. A minimum of 5 minutes before the first GCP (use Stop&Go) . I would keep logging during flight and at the end visit one or more of the GCP just as a quality control.
Stop logging when you leave the site. And keep the rover in a tribrach or other support to let it record good data during the entire session.
With PPK and Stop&Go, you should not have any issue with such short baseline and the RS2.
Depending on the site, this should give you enought time and data to process accurate enough data.



To record logs for Stop & Go, the logging interval at Full rate.

So, to have good data in each GPC, how long do I leave RS2 at the point?

I add something, the area is wooded.

Hi Luis,

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I’d agree with @TB_RTK’s: as you’re working with RS2 on somewhat short baselines, there should be no issues with whatever time period you choose. However, as you now mention that the area is wooded, your averaging time and your overall results will depend on the observational quality.

So it’s actually hard to recommend any specific time period. If you have a chance to check out the data quality before the survey - just recording a raw data log there and assessing it in Emlid Studio, - it’d be great to do so. If not, I suppose you can use a few minutes interval: it’s the most general duration you can choose.

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