Correlating Reach RS Coordinates to Survey

Hello Everyone- I’ve been reading a little for the past few weeks about surveying and just received a single Reach RS that I’m using as a Rover without having a Base that I think will work for my application, although the data isn’t aligning correctly with my survey.

I have a manufactured home park with a professional AutoCad survey and I’m trying to verify positions of some of the homes and correlate them back to the survey. The survey has relative x,y coordinates and I am able to convert between the Lon/Lat to ECEF and vice versa to correlate the coordinates I’m getting from the Reach Application to the autocad survey. My goal is to move a few homes in the park so I’m only interested in relative positions with a 30cm precision. Assuming no external interference, isn’t it a guaranty that if the Reach gets a FIX that its relative coordinates are within the 10cm precision specification of each other? I’m trying to troubleshoot why most points are not aligning with my survey.

Thanks much!

You’re not using a base? Are you using a CORS/VRS? without some type of corrections to the Rover it’s more like 1 meter.

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