Corrected GPS Data Proof?

Still new here, got another Q.

One you have both Reach Modules setup on the network and communicating, how does one actually know that the rover is using the corrected data for its location.

I have read that if you have one set of color bars (Rover) and once corrected data is being sent that you would also show grey bars… Something in me says that just showing two sets of bars showing each units Sat data does not in and of itself tell me that its sending to the Rover or that the rover has received it and is somehow now reporting its (Rover) new location.

How can I confirm or test this? Is there something that says…
Here’s where the rover thinks it is…
Heres what the rover has been told it should be…
Rover saying “Oh Yeah, you’re right. I am where you say I am.”

again, colored bars about Sat connections doesn’t tell me that the rover has gotten any corrected data without having its location info prior to being updated and how to confirm that said update is actually accurately reflecting the location of the rover.


Reading the documentation would help a bit… but you can also check the “AR ratio” and the fix type if the fix type is “Fixed” then it is working ok if the AR ratio is 999.9 then it is working great.

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