COR accuracy, ROS drivers, INS?

From the documentation, it seems like most Reach/Reach RS units are used as base/rover pairs. I’m working on using a single Reach/Reach RS unit as a rover only, using NTRIP correction data from local CORs stations. Does anyone have any experience working with CORs, and how does the accuracy hold up? Especially in urban environments?

Secondly, are there any ROS drivers out there that work with Reach using Ubuntu16/Kinetic? Some people have mentioned success with the nmea_tcp_driver. Would it be possible using any of the drivers that navio2 takes advantage of?

Finally, I’ve noticed most high end GNSS/RTK systems integrate some level of INS using an IMU. Has anyone been working on inertial corrections for Reach systems?

There is nothing wrong with using CORS or any other correction provider. Every method has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Just make sure you don’t have GLONASS AR on when using RS with an NTRIP provider.

We don’t provider ROS support for Reach, however I’ve definitely heard about people running it. I think it should be pretty easy to set up.

There are several posts on this forum regarding the IMU, and the community has had some results. Do a search :slight_smile:

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Here is a driver for ROS, the IMU isn’t accessible through normal nmea, but will look into if that is possible soon.

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