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New to the forum and just completed the very long how-to use forum. Almost gave up, but I need some help.

I am a government user of sUAS technology currently operating a DJI Inspire 1 Pro v2 as our primary aircraft, but also looking to use the Mavic Pro and other aircraft in the future. I completed a two-day training class that was very vague on using our sUAS to map crime scenes. This is a very intriguing idea and used various programs, Pix4D-Mapper and QGIS. We also own the Drone2Map by Esri. Both programs strongly encourage the use of “Ground Control Points” these help to ensure our accuracy of measurements which is critical when cases go to court.

I would love to know more about the accuracy of the ReachRS and how long it takes to get acquisition. Some of the hardware we have investigated requires an hour or more on station which is not practical in most cases. I need CM level accuracy quickly from multiple points. Also, we will be doing PPK and not needing to have communication with the aircraft during flight.

We operate under an FAA COA so modifying the aircraft is out of the question. This has to be all separately handled and I will combine data in processing.

What do you all think of the product? Do any of you use it for this mission?

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I am not a Reach RS user but I do use another open source RTK GPS system that is frankly less well developed than Reach but it could establish CM level manual GCS pretty easily. It seems to me that ReachRS could do this this for you quite easily – acquire visible GCS to CM level accuracy.

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