Connectivity issues

Hi all,
Recieved my reach rtk kit yesterday :smile:
Im using my android galaxy phone as my controller.
I can connect to the reach wifi hotspot but cannot get the reach to connect to my phones hot spot.
In order to create my phones hotspot i enable mobile data which turns off my wifi. Has anyone experienced this issue? Or am i missing a piece to the puzzle?

My impression is that if you have mobile data, then you should be able to create a hotspot.

I have a Galaxy also, but in my case I do not have a mobile data plan, so I installed cyanogenmod which lets me create a hotspot without a cellular internet connection.

So at which point in the process do u activate ur hotspot if originally ur connected to the reach units wifi? Thanks for the reply bide


I think it does not really turn your wifi off, just displays mobile network data again. Check if you have a new Wi-Fi network available with another device.

The easiest way is to go to Reach Wi-Fi settings, enter new network details. Then start the hotspot on your phone and power cycle Reach. The phone will likely display a new connection info.

Ok thankyou will give this a go! :+1:

Yay connection! Turns out reach was connected to my mobile data hotspot but “fing” could not find the connection as it was no longer a “wifi” connection. The ip adresss can be viewed through the android settings. Thanks for ur help


How can you find the IP address of the Reach when connected to a mobile phone’s hotspot? I’m trying to connect Reach to my phone’s hotspot but I can’t tell if it’s working or not b/c I don’t know how to find out Reach’s IP address in this scenario? Fing doesn’t work, no network discovery app I’ve tried to date works. These apps appear to be intended for wifi only. Android 6 marshmallow.

with android under mobile hotspot tab (at least on my samsung note 4 - which may differ from stock android) ip adresses show up!

Doesn’t for me on my Moto G4 Plus running Android 6. I tried my domain name but it can’t resolve it. At this point, I don’t know how to connect to ReachView from my phone when connected to my phone’s hotspot.

try network discovery (android app)
go to options, general, network interface, choose wlan0!
i don’t know if static IP is possible with reach at the momen since i ruined my device…but of course that would be an option too…

Yes, setting it to wlan0 worked. Thx! I don’t think Reach can be set to static through ReachView. It probably can via SSH on command line. I’m also curious about the reach.local address…I think that uses Bonjour?