Connections to Navio + for quadcopter

Hi, for a university project we are designing a drone. Does anyone know where I can find some specific information on which cables go to where on the ESC’s and where I need to put the BEC e.c.t. I’ve found the Emlid documentation a little bit brief and we aren’t really fully sure where anything goes or how it should be connected.

I should probably add. We plan to gut an old WL toys Cyclone drone and use the skeleton and motors/esc’s.

Sorry, but I highly doubt this will work. The cyclone is a toy. If it is even able to lift the Rpi/Navio combo, I would be surprised.
I would use a copter that uses standard rc parts. What would you do if anything on your old cyclone copter brakes?

The Emlid docs cover what you need to get your Navio/RPi combo running. There are many tutorials/docs for any part of a RC vehicle to be found on the internet.

The cyclone is capable of carrying two go-pro’s and a relatively heavy foam protective cover (which we are going to remove) Unfortunately it appears I can’t use the ESC so the whole control board is going to have to go anyway. We also plan on using a Pi Zero.

Here is something about the Pi Zero:

We have recently added typical setup schemes to our docs to simplify first wiring.

Cheers, That makes things way clearer.