Connection Problem Phantom 4 RTK To RS2

Hi all,

I am facing this kind of problem. When I am setting up my Reach Rs2 on the manual point and entering NTRIP properties from emlid caster to Phantom 4 RTK, first few seconds everything is fine but it loses connection and says Unable to Take off Weak RTK Signal…

What could be the problem? Does anybody face this problem?
In addition connection of NTRIP to the CORS base station is perfect…

I am attaching pictures and screenshots of my properties…

Do you have another rover (like a second rs2) you can try and connect with?

Did you also select send coords in the setup for ntrip ? A friend of mine was getting real frustrated after numerous times and he did not have this selected. His did the same thing, would connect for a moment then disconnect.

Could you specify what do you mean?

Not yet, but I will try and keep you updated

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See bottom

Hi Lado,

I like Christian’s advice! Let us know how it works when you use 2 Reach receivers and the same Emlid Caster mount point. Also, I’d suggest connecting Reach to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network or trying another SIM card. It will help us see at which step things go wrong.

Hi Lado,

Just want to check how it’s going :slight_smile: Have you conducted any additional tests?

Hi All,

Thank you for your information, that was really useful.

I have tried on another RS2, which I usually use as a Base unit for my other RS2. Everything is working fine.

In my opinion, the main problem was that in the first case I was using my Rover unit RS2, on which I didn’t have all the properties configured as it was supposed to be on the Base.

My suggestion is for future who will see this post is to carefully consider all the tutorials and manuals which Emlid’s team suggesting for our equipment to work properly.

Thank you again and wish you all the best!

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