Connecting RS2 to data Collector using Survey Pro v4.2.1

Is there a way to connect via Bluetooth my RS2 rover to my Trimble TSC2 running the Survey Pro v4.2.1 program? I’m trying to use the corrected output from the RS2 rover’s position streaming using bluetooth. Are there Rover modem settings that I can plug into the Survey Pro for the receiver info?

Hopefully can help me with this information.

Thanks, Mike

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With our Topcon we were able to connect to Magnet using a Generic NMEA profile. We had other issues after that, but everything was great up until you wanted to shoot a fixed RTK point in which it stalled.

Just search Topcon Magnet" and you will see a few posts.

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I had a problem with trimble equipment in general.
It would not pair Bluetooth with anything that does not have Trimble BT. So I couldn’t pair Trimble antena with 3rd party controller, and Trimble controller with 3rd party antena.
Maybe I did something wrong (it was 5 years ago), or maybe they made it that way to lock customers to their equipment only.

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Trimble would never do that… :wink: Did you try setting up the BT connection in Windows Mobile first?


I was able to connect thru the Windows BT on the Trimble TSC2. The Survey Pro program on my TSC2 however didn’t have the Emlid devices in its pull down menu for the receivers, so it wasn’t able to connect to receive the data over BT.

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You can’t create a manual custom receiver/profile? Isn’t Survey Pro on v6 now?

I believe Survey Pro is on v 6.0. I can’t seem to find a link for updating.

I think this is it. I’m not a Trimble user anymore so you might need to verify.

Hi Mike,

We haven’t tested Reach RS2 with the Survey Pro v4.2.1 on Trimble TSC2. To try transmitting Reach position to the Trimble TSC2, you can set the Position output via Bluetooth using the settings from our docs.

To check if the issue with Bluetooth connection can be on the Reach’s side, I’d suggest trying to transmit the coordinates via Bluetooth to one of the apps we’ve already tested with Reach. Please note that for now, the connection via Bluetooth works only if there is a Solution on the receiver.


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