Connecting Reach RS2 to DJI Phantom 4 RTK over Emlid Caster

Reach RS2 is a go-to solution to use as a base station for RTK-capable drones. It provides highly accurate positioning data and smoothly integrates with RTK drones.

In our video tutorial, we will help you get started with Reach RS2, Phantom 4 RTK, and free-to-use Emlid Caster that transmits corrections between a base and a rover.

Reach for Drone Mapping

In RTK mapping, a drone needs to get corrections during the flight from the base station. That requirement makes Reach RS2 a comprehensive fit for the flight mission. For PPK mapping, you can also use Reach RS2 base station to log raw GNSS data and then post-process it. Order your Reach RS2 in the official Emlid Store.


can we use lora radio for correction?

Hi Joseph,

Reach RS2 can transmit corrections via LoRa radio to other Reach receivers only. To send corrections to the DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone, you will need to use the NTRIP option.