Connecting Reach RS+ to Global Mapper

Hi everyone,
trying to connect reach rs+ to Global Mapper without success. Connection per Bluetooth is established, and that’s all it does. Any suggestions from anyone how to do it?
Apreciate any help!

Have you enabled the position output over bluetooth in ReachView?

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yes I did and it says connected to the host and it is green

this is all it does:(

Hi Jan,

What NMEA messages does Global Mapper expect from the third party software?


It"s strange, everything is running except the Program is not reading the NMEA string. I don’t know is the program not reading it because GM is an older version and does not know how to interpret NMEA x3?

Jan, I suppose the best way to trouble shoot this would be to reach out to GM support. Currently it’s difficult to say why the program doesn’t accept NMEA from Reach.

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My guess its your “OLD” version of Global Mapper.

Historically NMEA sentences were prefixed with 3 characters . i.e. GGA - Fix information.
But as more systems/satellites became available this changed to 5 characters, i.e. GPGGA

So your version of Global Mapper is looking for “Fix Information” in a sentence that starts with GGA and not finding it.

Welcome -


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