Connecting Emlid reach RS+ with Nuwa

Just started using the reach RS+, trying to use the nuwa app so i can localize the GPS

the Reachview app works amazing but i need coords in Northing Easting and Elevation and would also like to localize to my job site

my problem with the Nuwa app is i cannot get the rover to initialize, i have connected with blue
tooth set the device type to NMEA and set the antenna up with: Radius 0.07 phase center 0.065 bottom hight 0.0

i would also be willing to try another app, prefer if it was free but if it works well and user friendly i would buy one aswell


Goto here : Nuwa RS2

Goto here : APP for surveying

Hi Dustin,

I’d recommend checking Android apps listed in our docs:

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Hi guys,

I believe this thread requires some updates. Now, we provide ReachView 3 app that supports working with coordinates in projection. So you can easily get Northing, Easting, and Elevation for your project.

To work in a separate coordinate system and vertical datum, just specify them when you’re creating a new survey project. This short video guide can help you with that.