Connecting an emlid reach to a mobile dongle

Hi there.
I have a laptop with windows 10/ 64 and an iphone x
and a humawuei mobile broadband dongle.
I can connect to the internet with both devices.
I open reach view when i am connected to its hot spot and i have added the dongle and password.
i then press connect on the reach view app and then a message comes up explaining that i am connected but i have to refresh the wifi but i cannot get the ip address to connect with a browser
i come out of reach view and then i cannot get back in when all devices are on the same network.
im sure its something silly i have missed, please help :wink:

You need to discover the IP address of the reach on the dongle network.
Fing used to do this, still does on android, but not on apple.
Use the reaxgview app on apple to discover the IP address then type it into google chrome.

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Hi Jason,

Here you can find a description of workaround @Simon_Allen suggested.

Have you seen our First update and Base and rover setup video guides? It might help you a lot.

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