Confirming system is working OK

I seem to have an issue with the system and what i am seeing. I have had the system setup, i.e. Base and Rover. Both units see the various satellites when in single mode, i.e. when the base is viewed as a Rover in the Reach View app. However, when link them up ion their separate roles, i can only see one set of satellite bars. Have i missed something in the setup?

Do you have screenshot of your configuration on rover and base?

Base as Single

Base as Base

Base in Single mode with Sats, not done outside but from windows so sats are weak, but even if outside, i don’t get much better. also mounted on 200x200mm Stainless base plate

Rover in Kinematic set up

Rover Status in Kinematic mode (also near window, not outside. just to put the point across!

A bit hard to tell from your pictures, but here is the old guide to set up base/rover
If you like, beta 2.2.7 is good to try as well and much easier to set up