Configuring Reach using script

Would it be possible to automatically (using bash script for example) configure Reach module?
For example, I want to set up a rover. So, in order:

  1. first I have to configure wifi network
  2. then I want to set up correction input
  3. and I also want to set up position output

Everything can be done via ReachView (using browser). But how can I do it using bash script?

The web application itself uses probably RTKLIB API? Or where should I start looking for?
Using ReachView 2.6.0.

Thanks in advance!

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I want this too !!!

Not at the moment, but an API for Reach is something that we have plans to add.

I tried to change configuration directly using RTKLIB, but for some reason it didn’t work.

Then I wrote a small python script which uses similarly to ReachView web app. So, I ended up with something like that:

from socketIO_client import SocketIO, LoggingNamespace

# define stuff
reach_ip = ''
reach_port = 80
base_path = ''

with SocketIO(reach_ip, reach_port, LoggingNamespace) as socketIO:
    # correction input
    if True:
        socketIO.emit("apply configuration", {"correction input":
                                                       {"enabled": True,
                                                        "type": "tcpcli",
                                                        "path": base_path,
                                                        'send position to base': "off",
                                                        "format": "rtcm3"

I am using this for the client:

The messages to the socket can be found from web app (in javascript). May-be this helps someone. And if someone manages to use RTKLIB directly, please let me know.

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