Conexion con tablet

I am trying to configure the Field genius with reach rs but when I search in the browser bar and type http: //reach.local it gives me this screen on the tablet

is on a tablet with widow 10 64bit
someone has an idea is there any apps for window 10?

Do you get anything using instead? Or trying the ReachView app on android or iOS?

Fing on android or iOS?

Have not used, but for Windows:

Do a search using reach.local

Lots of talk and reading but maybe Emlid will jump in here.

Hi Abel,

As @timd1971, you can use Reach IP to connect.

In case Reach is in hotspot mode, you can use IP address.

To get the Reach IP in a network, please use any Network scanning tool.

It also might be useful for you to take a look at our First update and Base and rover setup video guides.

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