Compatibility for RTK machine control

Apologies if i am barking up the wrong tree here. I have a Komatsu 210LCi excavator. Would it be possible to use the Reach RS2 as a base station for this machine rather than an expensive Topcon one?

I suppose it depends on what signals and constellations the machine receiver is using. I am assuming topcon as well?

I am not sure yet if the RS2 can send corrections out in a protocol that your machine receiver can use. I think it can do rtcm though so its likely. You will likely need an external radio if you don’t have already… and the basic info so far indicates that the RS2 can send out corrections via serial so that should be good.

It will depend if your machine receiver is GPS-L2C, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo capable as it will not have corrections for the typical GPS-L2 signal used by the expensive brands.

Hi @benwilliamson86,

Reach RS2 outputs industry standard RTCM3 corrections over Serial or TCP. You also can configure Reach RS2 to act as an NTRIP station.

If the receiver on your excavator is able to receive RTCM3 and supports one of the above communication ways, there should be no issues with integration.

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Ok, making a lot of assumptions here. But if the device in the cab can recieve RTCM3 corrections over either a serial cable or TCP (network cable?) Then i could use a reach RS2 on top of the excavator connected to my phone as an NTRIP station?

You mean using only one RS2 as a rover on the machine.

  • input NTRIP corrections via your phone
  • output position to machine via RS232

Is this correct?

I am not sure about the NTRIP connection via phone… But outputting the position to RS232 should be ok.


If you want to accomplish the setup @DetritalGeo described, it seems feasible.

So, as I understand it, you should mount Reach onto the excavator, configure it to get corrections from NTRIP station and output NMEA from Reach to some 3d-party device over RS-232.

You can insert a SIM card to Reach RS2 or connect it to your phone hot-spot to provide it with the Internet.

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