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Hi, I hope all of you are doing well. I´m new at the forum, I joined because I have a data collection question I have not been able to sort. When I open a new project, I select auto save points in “fix” solution. I need auto-save in order to be able to collect as many points as possible to create a point cloud when the 4wd is slowly advancing through the terrain (had done this with survey pro) So far I have not been able to do this, I must collect points one by one and I had the understanding the Reach RS could collect points in tracking mode.

Thanks in advance for the assistance


Auto-Save Rules do this as you are finding out, but you have to use the correct settings of course for it do it properly how you need it. If the point readings don’t meet the criteria, then a point won’t be recorded…so you’ll have to set it so it will for your conditions.

Hi Tim, thanks for your reply. That´s correct, in auto-save rules I adjusted the settings fix mode to my desired criteria. The points just don´t save automatically, I must do it manually. Is movement of the rover necessary for the auto save to work? I have tried but honestly have not moved the rover around too much.

yes, the point is to move it to collect them. try moving and try adjusting the auto-save criteria so it captures the points.

I am interested in this as well. Would this be a good spot for logging and post-processing? I would like to put the rover on my mag-mount on my truck and topo smoother areas. I can take the data from the POS file and make points in CAD. On the right path?

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Thanks both for your inputs. I adjusted the auto-save criteria and it now saves the points, but not quite as I expected. After creating the project, when collecting points the only difference is after the specified time for autosave happens the green push button instead of saying “save” now says “save and go!” which doesn´t seem so automatic to me, since a confirmation is necessary for storing the point. So there is really no “tracking mode” so far.
Keep me posted Mr. Lambert if you get any further seems interesting!


I’m assuming you have some sort of CAD ability or at least a mechanism to turn a CSV into points? The POS file from post-processing can be opened in Excel and manipulated the save only the 3 columns showing Lat/Lon/Elev. From there you can bring the “points” into QGIS and transform them to any projection (EPSG) you want. I can help with that.

I’m pretty sure what I suggested will work, but was waiting for one of the guys more experienced with the Emlid systems to confirm. The one piece that I am not sure of is how to discard non-fixed shots.

You can, just don’t set any rules and collect and accept each point 1 by 1.

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