Collecting GCP in field - need suggestions

I am looking for advice on field usage for collecting GCP coordinates

My application is to establish a few GCP (Ground Control Points) in the field and getting those coordinates. This will be achieved by a person walking the field, placing the vertical pole, getting a fix and then collecting the coordinates.

I am looking to find a very practical and easy method to grab those coordinates. At this point the best I found is a screenshot or copy/paste of the interface of the device and then walk to the next site…

I know there are logs, but those are megabytes and megabytes, how do you comb through all that data to get your 5 GCPoints?

Any better idea?

You could start and stop the reach on each of your control points. This would give you separate log files for each of your points and process each of them as a single point solution. This would reduce the time spent looking through the log files for matching time stamps. Also this would provide a longer observation time over each of your control points allowing for a more statistically sound point.

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Another option is to use an app such as mobile topographer and connect via bluetooth. Just make sure you have a fix when you measure your point. Then you can collect the points, give each one a description, and export them all at once. I have a hunch, though, that if you can wait a little longer :wink:, we’re gonna see something cool from the emlid guys for measuring points inside the reachview app. that will simplify things enormously. I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be.

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Hmm, not familiar with that App. Connects and works flawlessly on BT?

ummm. “Flawlessly” might be an overstatement. :slight_smile: You got to keep an eye on your status in a separate window. And bluetooth connection does break sometimes, but overall I would give it a passing grade as a system. you can read more about it here.

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Hello, I am new to Reach and I acquired the kit for the purpose of gathering GCP data as well. This was my idea for the actual workflow, however upon upgrading to ReachView 2, there are no more Start/Stop buttons? How can I emulate this workflow using the new ReachView 2 interface?

I was thinking I’d use static mode on both units, 1 will be on a base station of known coordinates connected using NTRIP, then the other will be used to measure the points. Ideally I’d setup over the GCP, start and take measurements for a while, then eventually stop and then setup over the next pt, etc. Although if this workflow of mine is wrong, please let me know.

@bea We are working on GCP collection feature in ReachView 2, meanwhile you can manually start/stop logs from the logging menu.

Great, thank you! I will check out the logging menu in a bit. Just to clarify, once I turn on Reach, it automatically starts logging right? So if I enter the logging menu, I should be able to stop logging and then start logging again once I am over my point all while the unit remains connected and powered on?

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Yeah, the logging status on power up will be the same as when you turned it off. It has enable/disable logic.

A “Spit coordinates when locked” in a file would be great. Also a way to signal that somehow… LED, Noise, etc

@igor.vereninov any idea when the GCP collection feature in ReachView 2?? I mean, more or less… planned? In work? Not pushing but very excited to know

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@michael.asgian Point collection feature is in work right now, so as soon as ready :slight_smile:


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