Collect GCP points using Reachview 3 + RS2

Dear Support,

In a drone survey, Two RS2 were used to collect GCPs. I put the RS2 on an Unknown point as base station and used the current latitude, longitude, height as the base coordinates (A, see the below imagery). Another RS2 rover was used to collect some GCP points using RTK. The survey status was fixed for each GCP point.

The Base RS2’s Rinex was recorded for several hours and the Canada Natural Resources PPP was used to get the accurate coordinates (B). Finally, the offset between B and A was calculated and applied to other GCP points.

My questions: is this survey method correct procedures? Thanks a lot.


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That looks good from what you describe. In that case, your GCPs should have a centimeter-level absolute accuracy in the datum you selected on the SCRS-PPP tool.

There is actually a support tip published by Svetlana about this and it seems you did the work accordingly :slight_smile:


Hi Michael,

Indeed, you did everything right.

A small note to make it a bit easier for you: you can just use Average Single method from the Base mode instead of moving coordinates from the Status tab manually.