Co-ordinate system

HI all. Just wandering what coordinate system Emlid reach rs/ rs+ use? Is it possible to switch to say OSGB1936 and still be able to use RTKLib for PPK?

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The reach receivers collect in WGS84 guys will always be the case with all current GNSS equipment. There is currently no way to report in another CRS. I can’t imagine it will be too long before this is possible, but we will see what all systems or integrated.

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Thank you, that’s what I thought.

Hey there.

I just wanted to add that even though at the moment ReachView handles the WGS84 coordinate system only, it’s still possible to output the coordinates in the required coordinate system in real-time via the 3rd-party survey software. You can use this guide to learn how to configure the a mock location feature on your Android device and use Reach with 3rd-party apps.

Hi I’ve looked at the video. It mentions using the RS2, I use the RS+ as my base and RS as my rover. Will this still work?

Hi @sgeyeuk,

Yes, the process is the same for all of our receivers.

Thank you. As iam struggling to get the wgs84 coordinates to work as well as struggling with using the equipment I think ill leave it for now, don’t want to over complicate things

Is this related to your other post on Pix4D. If so they need to be combined.

We are continuing the discussion on GCP import to Pix4D here: