Clarifying OPUS Antenna Height

Just trying to put this out for clarification.

When inputting our antenna height for OPUS corrections, we DO NOT need to add the .134m to our pole height, correct?

OPUS says the ARP (Antenna Reference Point) for the Emlid RS2 is the BAM (Bottom Antenna Mount).

So for a 2m pole, we would just enter 2m, NOT 2.134m?

And then the resulting coordinates we receive from OPUS would be the Ground Point, correct?

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Yep, just use 2 meters.


Hi @itsjared,

Yes, exactly!

When you choose an antenna type, OPUS automatically adds an antenna offset.

That is why you should specify only the height of the pole in the antenna height field.

Yes, you’re right.

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If we use CSRS-PPP and specify the antenna type in RTK Conv, do we use 2m for antenna height or 2.134 m for antenna height ( rod height is 2m)?

2m as well


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