Can't enable Mobile data

Hi Tatiana. Im searching to try and find some information on getting my new Emlid RS2 (data sim fitted) to connect to the app for NTRIP data. For some reason I am unable to activate the Mobile Data On/Off tab which is greyed out. I have been able to tick the field underneath - Share mobile data from reach in hotspot mode. Im clearly doing something wrong. Many thanks if you can assist me please?

If the SIM card uses a pin code, make sure it is entered correctly.
Also make sure that the APN is correct.
Furthermore, check the physical installation of the SIM card is ok.

If that doesn’t fix your issue, extract a Basic report from the preferences, and post here.


Hi @paul,

Please let us know if Christian’s advises help.

Otherwise, please send me the Full System report in PM. This docs entry explains how to generate it.

Also, can you please share the screenshot of your Mobile data tab with us?

Same thing happened to me and i did was just to re-install the firmware and everything was good after that

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Y para España? Estoy teniendo los mismos problemas, no me deja habilitar los datos móviles

Place keep forum posts in English, so everyone can participate in the discussion without needing to translate each post.

Hello Paul,

How are you trying to connect RS2 to the Internet? Do you use cellular modem or Wi-Fi?

Same issue happen to me. It use to solve spontaneously after a few minutes. I don´t know the reason why. Any iluminated RS2 user please?

Hi Cesar,

May I ask you to clarify which firmware version is installed on your device? Could you please also provide a more detailed description of the issue you face?


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