Can't decide on antenna placement - Fixed Wing

I’m having a hard time deciding where to place my Reach antenna. Please share any experience or ideas you may have. I think I have it narrowed down to two different locations.

I have included two pictures showing different mounting locations for BOTH my Reach antenna and the pixhawk Here gps/antenna.

Picture 1 - Reach antenna is mounted up front above the camera. In this location the reach is below a few other devices by only a few inches. I can fit a max ground plane size of 4"x4"(although I could make it over hang the sides a bit if needed). In this location the reach antenna is mounted directly above the camera by about 4" with no other offsets. Although the antenna will be angled forward by a few degrees(I may be able to shave some foam to straighten it but I’ll wait until I decide).

With the Reach antenna mounted up front I can mount the pixhawk gps on the wings.

Picture 2 - Reach antenna is mounted on top of the wings. In this location it is mounted above everything else. I can make the ground plane larger just about any size. But, in this location it would be about 8" above the camera and about 10" behind the camera and then about a 1" side offset as I cannot mount it directly in the center of the joint wings. Not horrible as maybe the delay between devices would offset this distance when a the time stamp is created.

With the Reach antenna mounted on the wings I can mount the pixhawk gps up front.


Put it directly above the camera if you can so you don’t have an offset in the (XY) direction between the camera and the GNSS antenna. An offset in the Z is easy to correct.

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That’s kind of what I started thinking; post processing would be easier/more accurate with only a “z” offset. Thanks for your input.

Here is what I decided on, Reach antenna up front directly over the camera, and the Pixhawk Here gps inlaid into the wing…

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