Can't connect to Reach with ReachView


I am trying to use two Reach Modules but after they are powered on, I can’t connect to them with ReachView or ReachView3 apps.

I can access the modules web interface with a browser and they show the following information:

ReachView version: v0.4.9
Reach image version: v1.2

I really don’t know what to do or how to pair them (base and rover). The documentation shows some screenshots that are really different from what I see on the Reach web interface. Should I update them? I downloaded Reach Firmware Flash Tool for Windows but the application doesn’t recognize the device once plugged.

Thanks in advance. Any help will be highly appreciated.

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Hi @guido_sanchez,

May I ask you to share a video of the receivers’ LED statuses when you try to connect to them? It will give me a better understanding of the units’ performance.

Could you please clarify whether you can open the Updater page in a browser? To access the Updater page, you can insert to the address bar while being connected to the Reach’s hotspot.

I was finally able to update both of my Reach Modules. What I did is the following:

  1. Uninstall Intel Edison drivers (as was suggested in other posts) and reinstall Reach Firmware Flash Tool version 1.4.1
  2. Reboot the Windows computer.
  3. Open the Reach Firmware Flash Tool tool and select the Reach Module in the first step.
  4. Wait for the application to prompt to connect the Reach module, give it a second and plug the Reach Module in the USB port of the computer. This is very important, do not start the flashing process with the Reach Module plugged in, wait for until the application asks to plug it in the second step.
  5. Select the last firmware version and update.

After that, I was able to connect to both of my Reach Modules and configure them as Base-Rover.


Hi @guido_sanchez,

Thanks for sharing your solution!

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Thanks guido. This is the real solution. I tried all the unsigned driver suggestions for Windows 10, made some progress but still could not connect. I switched to Ubuntu and still could not connect. Of all the comments on the forum in different threads on this issue this was the most helpful. The real problem was that I need to plug in my reach module AFTER step 2 when the search for the device begins. If someone from Emlid is reading this please update the steps in your firmware tool interface to instruct people to power on and connect their device AFTER beginning the search process.

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