Can't connect reach module


I have 2 Reach units that functions as DGPS.
I tries to connect them to my Wifi network and succeed only with 1 unit.

I follow the instruction on:

Now I can’t connect to the units both by wifi/hotspot or by USB.

I need them working by tomorrow, what should I do?


Follow the flashing instructions in the docs.

Instead of the GUI method, I recommend the ‘terminal guide’ for your operating system:

Flashing from Linux seems to be very reliable. Flashing from Windows sometimes works fine, and sometimes it can be tricky.

Some additional tips, if you are having trouble:

  • use the original USB cable, or at least one designed for data
  • disconnect any external power drains from Reach (like external radio)
  • use a powered USB hub if your computer USB sockets don’t supply enough power

Good Luck!

Thank you for your assistance.
I will try to do the firmware reflashing as you recommend
I have an important issue: I have recorded logs files (.ubx) as part of my work.
Will the firmware reflashing delete the log files from the device?

Best regards,

Yes, firmware reflashing will delete everything.

If if will be difficult for you to collect that data again, then you should make some additional attempts to recover your data before reflashing.

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