Can't access log files from M2

Hi, I was trying to access the logs from the M2 unit I have but I found that most of the files display “Processing 0%” and others display “0 MB”. See screenshots below. Is this a known behaviour or issue?


Hi Gustavo,

There is no free space in your Reach’s memory: I see from the 1st screenshot that 12.1 GB from 12.3 GB are taken.

To record data, you need to remove the previous logs.

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Hi @tatiana.andreeva, thanks for your reply. Is there a way to allow rotating logs and split them for example, per day? Because it seems that the only valid log is from the day before and only the LLH log.

I would like the logs either to be preserved or deleted if too old, but actually, it’s not clear what is filling the memory as almost everything is “Processing” or “0MB” and the active logs are less than 1 GB.

Hi Gustavo,

You can check if Rolling logs is enabled in the Logging settings tab. This allows overriding old logs in favor of new ones when memory is full. You can also choose the Log split period here. A new log is started once the desired time is reached. Note, a maximum automatic split period is 24 hours.

If you want only the LLH log to be recorded automatically, uncheck the "Automatically start recording… " setting for Raw data and Base corrections. You can always turn them back on.

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