Cannot read files

After completing a mission, we normally immediately read the files from the reach M or m+.

But sometimes, it isn’t possible to do it in the field, so we head home and have to read the files another time.

Here comes the issue.

Before being able to connect the reach view app, the rover has to be powered up, gps antenna connected, sattelites have to be visible and then can connect and read the files.

This is rather annoying, especially when you are in an office with no clear view to the skies.

Is it possible to change something in the software so that, gps or no GPS, we can connect reach view and read the files?

Hi Verloop,

Thanks for your feedback. In the future, we’ll have an option to get files without the need to starting your Reach.

In the meantime, you can add your office Wi-Fi to the list of known networks on Reach. Each time you start Reach in the office, it will connect to this Wi-Fi and pass time sync via the Internet, there will be no need in connecting a GNSS antenna.

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