Cannot connect to reach

I had played around my reach units previously but had to put the project on ice a few months back. I’m trying to get back into it by running through the quick start tutorial but am not having any luck.

I can power the units on, once they boot (solid white/magenta) they flash white, then yellow a few times, and then flash white, green, blue, red, and then pause and repeat. Any network it could possibly be recognizing is off, it’s not connected to a computer or anything it can communicate with, and its hosted network is not visible.

How can I resolve this?

The LED sequence sounds normal for the older Reach image. With the old version 1.x image. the LED sequence is decoded as follows:

  1. White: sequence start
  2. Green: Wi-Fi in Master mode (hotspot)
  3. Blue: Rover mode
  4. Red: RTK not started

So the LEDs say there should be a Wi-Fi hotspot available for you to connect to.

I suppose if there is still no Wi-Fi present, then without troubleshooting over USB, the best thing to do is reflash the units. You might as well move up to the newer image anyway.