Canadian customers: Buy-back program, including trade-in for RS2

Hello to customers in Canada and everywhere,

A new buy-back program is in place at our dealership which will enable you to trade-up to RS2. It is geared for Canadian customers, but anyone may inquire.

As you read further, please know that your first effort should be to sell our old units to each other. You will realize the most value out of a transaction of that type. And so, I warn you that the pricing model will not be very attractive to most individuals. It will be attractive to some companies and individuals who’s time is highly valuable and don’t want to deal with selling used equipment.

Also be prepared for a trip back to WEB 0.1 (:tm:), so please spare us your comments about the site design (or lack thereof) unless you really feel the need to do so.

Without further ado, I present you:

You will find the buy-back program link near the top of the page.


Seems reasonable.Thanks fellow Canuck!


Bumping this thread with some new information:

A limited number of refurbished Reach RS and Reach RS+ are available for purchase.

If this interests you, please visit our website for details. The link to the refurbished units is at the top of the page:


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