Can we use reach m+ as base and rover

Can we used reach m+ as base and rover?

Yep, the unit can act as both, though not at the same time. You will need 2 units, and a Lora module for both (or an internet connection for both).


im planning to use REACH M+ as rtk survey kit, both Base and Rkver, if both of my Reach m+ has lora radio, is it posible to run them both?

Yes of course RTK requires that the two M + Receivers must be working at the same time since the Base must send corrections to Rover in real time either through LoRa or the internet as mentioned by Christian above.

so instead of buying reach Rs its rather an option using reach M+ as an RTK kit that can save me money. what do you think?

I have tried this myself and it is really going to depend on your environment and use case. As much trouble as we have with maintaining a fixed condition because of satellite and inadequacy it was even worse with the m+ in the talisman. I would say unless you are in a mostly open area, without too much undulating elevation and within a thousand feet of your base then it’s probably not a good idea. Make sure you get that talisman antenna plenty high up in the air and install an extra base plane.

as you were saying in an open field and less obstruction it can only work within 300m more or less sir chascoadmin? so its better to use total station instead

It will definitely go further in an open field. Like I said it depends on you environment. Ours is mostly flat plains to 50m undulating hills.

Sky obstructions cause loss of satellites and then a loss of RTK, whereas loss of line of sight can cause loss of LoRa radio and then RTK.

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thanks for the info. what do you recommend low cost RTK survey kit sir?

If anything I would recommend the RS+ as a rover if you already have an M+. Make a jig for a survey pole or tripod that keep the M+ at at least 2m in a consistent position every time.

Beyond that I don’t know what you consider as low cost because even the RS2 survey kit is about as low of a cost as you can get for a true multipath kit. Most commercial base/rover kits are in the $20-30K range… A percentage of this is software and support.

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Just to conclude this topic, let me add that it might be quite challenging to place Reach M+ as the base. This receiver is not configured to be positioned on the tripod as opposed to Reach RS+.

Also, we recommend using Reach M+ receivers in the baseline up to 10 km in RTK. LoRa radio’s range indeed highly depends on environmental conditions. In the line of sight, the baseline may reach up to 8 kilometers. However, if you plan to survey in the challenging surroundings with no clear line of sight, it might be better to use more powerful external radios.