Can one still use the software RTKLIB with Reach modules?

Since RTKLIB is coded inside Reach modules, can one still use RTKLIB software to view plots/editing fields, or will it conflict?

Also there is an app called RTKGPS+ based on RTKLIB, will this still work for plots/editing fields, or will it conflict?


I’m confused about what you are asking in the first question, but I’ll try and answer:

  • Yes, RTKLIB is used inside Reach
  • Yes, You can use RTKLIB’s rtkplot.exe to view plots from a Windows-based computer or emulator
  • With regard to editing fields, perhaps you mean like when using rtkconv.exe and rtkpost.exe? Again, those are Windows binaries for running on your home computer. So you can download the log files from Reach to your home computer and play with the settings in those programs. You could also decide not to run ReachView and run the RTKLIB programs directly from the command line, but you probably don’t want to do that. If you wish to change settings on Reach, it is best to do that with the ReachView app in your web browser. Most of the RTKLIB settings you would want to edit can be changed in there.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with RTKGPS+ so I can’t answer that one.


Thanks, I guess that ReachView app would be probably sufficient.
Mainly I was hoping that there are just as many setting you can change with the RTKLIB which is inside Reach as one could change using the external RTKLIB computer program.

You can change all settings of RTKLIB using ReachView.

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