Can no longer connect to RS2 on University WiFi network

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  1. Firmware v28.2 and ReachView 3 v 7.6.

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    Can no longer connect RS2 to University WiFi network. We own 4 RS2’s. Since receiving them a year or more ago, I have had no problem using the standard Hotspot->Configure WiFi Settings_>Connect to same WiFi network “dance” to get the RS2’s on our University wireless network for use on campu (I use my phone as a hotpsot when off-campus). Recently (post firmware update?) I have been unable to do so- the old configuration for our wireless network is gone, but when I search for networks it shows our but with the wrong security type (says WPA2-PSK, ours is MSCHAPV2/PEAP). Of course I can’t put in the required username under this security type. So if I use connect to hidden network create a new network with a more correct security type (Using WPA Enterprise, which I believe is PEAP), it allows me to put in the required credentials and when I click “connect”, it seems to connect to the network (led on RS2 turns blue). But when I connect my mobile device to the same network, I can’t see the RS2. Reachview 3 will simply not find it. I’m not sure if the problem is that there is a 2nd redundant SSID in in RS2 for the same network w/ the wrong security type (but no password), but RV3 will not let me “forget” the bogus one- only the one I created myself. The only way I can keep the RS2 from automatically connecting to the inaccessible network when turned on is to take it off-site or put it in a metal cabinet when I fire it up. Very frustrating.
    AFAIK the uni wireless network has not changed in the last year. I can connect the RS2’s to other networks (including my phone as hotspot) w/o issues.
    I hope someone can help with this. I’d be happy to provide more specific information regarding our campus WiFi network via DM.

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Hi Pat,

You might try the Fing app on your phone when everything is connected to the campus wifi to verify that the RS2 is indeed hooked up to the network as the blue LED is indicating.

I can’t help with the network security type question.

Thanks Dave-

I’ll give Fing a try. Hadn’t thought of that!

Hopefully someone from Emlid will be able to comment on why Reachview sees my network as WPA2-PSK instead of MSCHAPV2/PEAP, or tell me how I can force it to forget the incorrect SSID.

Was the network always PEAP? Ever since 2019 when we got our first Emlid units, I was never able to connect to our university network which is PEAP. There was simply never the options to specify that type of protocol in Reachview.

Maybe check with IT if they changed the network protocols.

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Thanks Gabriel_C-
AFAIK it has been PEAP since before I got our RS2’s, but I will check. I recall having to use trial and error to find that WPA Enterprise (which says “uses PEAP” or somesuch) was the only security type that allowed both username and password credentials to be entered. I could be remembering incorrectly about the past, but I know I was able to connect before, and can’t now. I will inquire with our networking folks to see if they changed to PEAP recently, but I don’t think that’s the case. I wonder if it also might be a certificate issue?

Well, Fing reveals that although the blue light on the RS2 suggests it is connected to our Uni WiFi network, it really isn’t (or at least doesn’t show up in the list of connected devices). If I use another known good network, I can see the RS2 in Fing, listed as an “AMPAK Technology” device and confirmed via MAC address.
I have seen similar behavior (RS2 indicates it is connected but can’t see it on network) with our “Guest” WiFi network, which has NO security but requires the user to click a terms acknowledgement button in a browser window before their connection becomes fully active. Until it is clicked, the user can’t do anything. I assumed that the RS2 got stuck at this point because there is no way to click that button. But as with our main WiFi network, the RS2 claims to be connected but can’t be found.
I’ll check with out NetComm folks next.

Hi Pat,

I’ve checked that the WPA Enterprise security type indeed uses the PEAP authentication type. It’s weird that you can’t longer connect to the network if it was possible before. If the issue occurred after a firmware update, can you tell me which firmware was installed before and after the update? Does your uni network work at 2.4 GHz?

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Hi Kseniia-

Thank you for looking into this!
I’m afraid I don’t recall the firmware I had before- is there a way to check that in the system report or elsewhere? (I will share it w/ Emlid personnel but probably should not upload it here, as it may have sensitive information in it).
I’m pretty sure the last update was to my current version (28.2) on June 29th, 2002. Just not sure what I had before that.
Our WiFi is both 2.4 & 5 GHz (for the main and Guest networks).
Thanks again!

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I brought it up somewhere else and got a partial answer. If your network requires certificates on authentification, it will never work. Not supported. That’s the issue on our end.

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