Can M2 power up by phone via USB cable?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if we can power up our M2 from USB cable connecting to a phone?


That’s a good idea, as long as it meets these specs for powering the unit and antenna

What make/model phone is it?

Can you use a portable usb type battery bank instead - that should provide way more capacity than a phone.

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I have done it with one of the portable usb battery packs. It was a cheap one I got free at one of the farm shows or somewhere.

I have never tried my phone. I would think the same as Bryan

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The M2 runs for a little under an hour on my portable battery pack, though it does not reliably start off it, It really likes the juice. have to use the shortest cable i have with the battery pack.

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An inline USB power meter should confirm actual draw startup and steady state. My experience with receivers is that the stated power specs are shall we say sometimes quite conservative or ‘optimistic’ and don’t cover the multitude of use scenarios. For example switch off various constellations, corrections and/or logging and watch the impact on power draw, you might be surprised.

The only thing i don’t get is the RS2 seems to run on very few amps. So it must just be at startup it really draws hard.

I eventually gave up on the portable battery pack, and made a solar base station power supply. The solar charger would automatically turn the M2 off a few hours after dark, then on again at sunrise. Handy feature in a solar charge controller.

No issues once permanently installed, but removed the M2 after harvest was complete.

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Startup surge is fairly normal with any electronics (or electrical) - it’s the steady state draw that’s important. Average consumption above is around 1 watt, which sounds on the low side to me based on what other receivers typically draw. However they say “average” which is quite woolly, and don’t indicate which/if any active output ports or constellations. All these have a major bearing on power draw.

I know my other receivers in base mode with GPS+GLO and NTRIP via network are drawing around 3.5 watts. But my total power budget (for solar incidentally) includes a discrete 3.5/4G modem + MPPT charge controller, which all add up.

Hi @l3technologycambodia,

We don’t recommend using a mobile phone for powering Reach M2, as it may be an unstable power source. I’d suggest powering the receiver via a wall adapter, PC, or a power bank.


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